I am undone by grace

mired in the belly of eternity

I gasp for truth

and see the illusion of time

I know the light

because it is me

I know the darkness

because it is me

I see with shameless


the grace of duality

the divine splintering

of souls

from the womb of Source

into you, and me

we are enough

there is no need for more

than us, as we are

right here

and right now

we are the sum

the whole

the eternal

our work is to be

and to let the

universe express

itself through

our being.


Christine Fortuin Dec 2012


Private Letter to Brazil

Sometimes I feel you

Embrace me again

Like being in the arms

Of an old lover

All is rhythm and passion

Like before

Without wanting or misgiving

But full with

The timeless nature

Of memory

Ever caressing

The fiery soul

Who loved you without


Beating drums

Echoing our hearts

In the magic

Of your cities

The music of your language

Rising and falling

A cadence of magnetism

Pulling me ever toward

Your center

Christine Fortuin 2010


Truth speaks

in vibrations of


in delight

swept on

wings of

gold and indigo

folding and


along the patterned

winds of time

it is beauty

created within chaos

sending ripples

through the fabric

of eternity.

Seek it not in words

or symbols

but in colors

coax it not

not with numbers

or promises

but with silence
Christine Fortuin, 2012

The Seeker

Burning Embers

Poetry seeks in the darkness.

It slithers though back alleys

looking for lost songs

for wandering souls

for fading beauties

for ones who once

blazed with the

glory of ego and skill

then found them to be hollow,


and devoid of gravity.

It finds the spark in them

still glowing within

the dying ember

of longing.

It stirs the flame

in the dark and hollow

in the damp and deep.

It whispers a melody

of freedom from

defiance and dread.

It seeps in

through the cracks of

the heart’s desire for

something it cannot name.

‘Awaken and see’

it cries

‘let me show you the reason:

It is not to understand.

It is to see

to bless

to transmute

and to pass on

something more exquisite

than what was found.’


Christine Fortuin 2012


The fire within you

was lit

long before you

were here

and will be here

for many eons after


it is the fire created by

the light which

escaped Pandora’s

sacred box,

it is the fire that was lit

in the belly of Eve

upon swallowing

the wisdom of

the Goddess

it is the desire to

bear the exquisite

burden of being,

in order to know

evolution’s intelligence

to live in a

separate chamber of

the divine heart

where we create ourselves

again and again

it names you

blessed one

it speaks to you in

the astral tongue

of movement

and transformation

seeking the

deepest rhythm of Gaia

and creating flesh

in its image


Christine Fortuin © 2012


We are beings of earth, air,

fire and water,

held together

by spirit,

forged in suffering and

united in love,

children of Gaia

who seek the heavens,

miracles of the universe

and fledglings of the

eternal being.

We have been here

for many ages

We have danced in the breath

of the fire

We have sung in the heart

of the sea

We have eaten in the mountain

of hope

We have raced in the torrents

of wind

Withstanding all

indifference and pain

we see

we sail

we stand

and we speak


Christine Fortuin, 2010



twisted me in knots

while undressing

my desires,

but the sensual


of your rhythm ,

dark and sweaty,

covered with

the lilt of your language,

turns me still.

You are the

sweet vampire

who stole my life blood

while I was

lost in your

beating heart,

who burned me gradually

in your alluring


while I wandered

crazed into

your wild spinning,

drunk on

your mind-altering

perfume and

playful hips

ignited with

earth-laden mania.

Unafraid of

hidden yearning,

the red clay under my

callused feet


the raw violet Orchid,

the scar I have to show

is in Its shape.

No one is the same

after you.


Christine Fortuin, 2010